Posted: October 5, 2009 in emacs

I was really impressed with the phrase “emacs is not just an editor, but it is a computing environment..”

EmacsWiki has a good collection of documentation.

Emacs Lisp is amazing. This book serves as a good introduction to elisp.

A good collection of elisp macros can be found here.

Next blog topic will be related to \LaTeX Beamer.

  1. Ram Prasad K says:

    Here is a link to elisp reference manual.

  2. Kannan P says:

    Hi RP,
    Great,I’m happy that finally you belong to place where you are now.Wish you write more on technology…your understanding on math,science …and other esoteric stuff.Best Wishes.


  3. vj712 says:

    Looking forward to the latex beamer blog!

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