Gjyaana Dhaara : Learning; Understanding; Realization

Posted: January 1, 2015 in education, inspiring, philosophy, sanatana dharma


Gjyaana dhaara (flow of knowledge),  the traditional Indian methodology practiced by scholars towards acquiring knowledge constituted three hierarchical stages namely: shravanam (learning), mananam (understanding) and nidhidhyasanam (realization).

shravanam (श्रवणम् ):  This is the learning stage. Traditionally it is listening to the scriptures from the guru (teacher). “shravanam” translates to “listening”. But in modern day, it could be listening or reading. So, this stage involved knowing about a new concept through reading or listening.

mananam (मननम् ): This is the understanding stage. Through questioning and reasoning we try to understand what we have read/listened in the shravanam stage.

nidhidhyasanam (निधिध्यासनम् ) :  This is the realization stage. Sitting in isolation, meditating deeply on the concept that we internalized through shravanam and mananam so as to find the inner truth behind the concept. nidhidhyasanam always leads us to righteousness, innovations and creativity.

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