Sadhlinga Thathparya Nirnayam

Posted: February 26, 2015 in education, inspiring, philosophy, sanatana dharma
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Six aspects for determining the purport
Sidhanthapaksham : Thathparya Nirnaye

“Upakramaupasamharou abhyasaha apoorvatha phalam
artha vaadha upappathi cha lingam thathparya nirnayeth

upakrama + upasamharou : the coherency between introduction and conclusion
abhyasaha : repeatedly emphasizing a particular idea
apoorvatha : the idea that is put forward should be something new
phalam : the idea should have a useful result
artha vaadha : explaining the idea through examples
upappathi : should be able to understand, accept or conceptualize the idea with logical reasoning
cha lingam : are the six aspects
thathparya nirnayeth : in determining the purport

These are the six important ancient Indian logical rules in determining the purport, or the major idea of a given work as described in Mimamsa-shasthram.

In the contemporary scenario, for example, if you want to understand a research work reading from a journal or conference paper, we can follow this. Consequently, when we write a research paper, we can compose our work such that all these six points are emphasized.


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