Sorrow and Happiness

Posted: April 22, 2015 in education, philosophy, sanatana dharma
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In general, the fruits of righteous living in this birth will be attainable in next birth.
To enjoy the fruits of righteousness in this birth itself, one need to combine penance also together with righteousness.

All creatures based on the consequence of its acts gets entangled in sorrow and grief.
No one suffers sorrow forever. Happiness follows. Happiness results only if the sorrow is cured.

From happiness, again sorrow arises. Happiness and sorrow follows one after the other like a circle. No one enjoys sorrow forever, and no one enjoys happiness for ever. All these depends on the destiny.

Those who are interested in materialistic life invites sorrows for sure.
Wisdom is important to dispel sorrow. Obtain the correct wisdom from scriptures.
One need to try the best to drift away from materialistic pleasures.

Once knowledge of Supreme Self is obtained, the sorrow can never touch.
Upon sacrificing the desires for enjoying materialistic pleasure one starts feeling bliss.
The acts committed in previous births, good and bad, unfolds in appropriate time as joy and sorrow in the current birth.

“When a person himself feels no fear, and is feared by no one, when he cherishes no desire and no aversion, he is then said to attain to the state of Brahma.”

“When a person abstains from doing wrong to any creature, in thought, word, or deed, he is then said to attain to a state of Brahma.”

Shanthi Parva, Section-CLXXIV, Mahabharatham


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