Topsy-turviness about Karma

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Let us visualize one of the paths to merge with God: A yogi sitting in padhmasana (lotus posture) meditating deeply on Nirguna-Brahmam (God without any attributes), activates the kundalini (spiritual or divine energy inside body), and takes the jivatma (one’s soul) through various chakras (energy points, seven in total) upwards via sushumna-naadi (which connects all the seven chakras), upon residing the jivatma on each higher chakras experiences the state of divine bliss, and eventually allowing the jivatma to gently hit open the sahasrara (the crown chakra), leaves the body through sahasrara, and finally merges with the paramatma (universal consciousness, God).

Now, how is karma (our actions and its consequences, both physical and mental) related with this process of merging with God? What hurdles need to be cleared to feel this bliss? How do we progress to merge with God?

Unless we completely burn-out all the influences of karma, be it good or bad, we won’t be able to merge with God.  The karma that we all are associated with can be categorized into three:

  1. Sanchitha karma : the ones accumulated from several of our previous births. These can be considered as seeds waiting to sprout at right time.
  2. Prarabdha karma : the ones that we are destined to go through in the current birth. These can be considered as some of the seeds from sanchitha karma getting germinated and flourishing.
  3. Agami karma : the ones that we accumulate in the current birth. These are the seeds we add and take as part of sanchitha karma into our next birth.

The hurdles that need to be cleared are to somehow destroy all the karma getting associated with our soul, and be free of karmic debts. Bad karma can never be negated with good karma. That is, if we do five bad karma, and then do five good karma, the net effect is not zero. We will have to go through the after-effects of five bad karma as well as the after-effects of five good karma. For this to take effect, we might have to take birth again and again until we eradicate all the good and bad karma likewise. We may not be able to predict what is the time span required for each karma to finish its course.

The scriptures teach us that sanchitha karma and agami karma can be totally eradicated by obtaining the proper knowledge about God. Learning and gaining depth understanding of scriptures like Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita, and Brahma-Sutra are highly recommended towards attaining this proper knowledge about God realization. So, through obtaining God knowledge (njyaana), one can stop adding agami karma, as well as stop the sanchitha karma unfold into prarabdha karma.

What to do with the prarabdha karma (both good and bad) that we are already going through in this birth? How to eradicate prarabdha karma? The answer is, they cannot be easily eradicated and need to be experienced. Prarabdha karma is our greatest teacher.

Whatever good or bad experiences we go through were designed exactly the way it should be, so that we learn and realize a particular aspect of life, and then evolve. The evolution in science stop at vaanaran (ape) evolving to naran (human). But scriptures add one more level to this, and evolution stops when naran evolves to narayanan (God).

In short, bad karma need to be worked out by experience of suffering, and good karma need to be worked out by experiencing happiness. That which has to happen will happen irrespective of our wish. This is the normal course of how prarabdha karma works out.

But, there is another hard way to reduce this effects of prarabdha karma. We can bypass the pain and pleasures of prarabdha karma to certain extend by performing continuous fasts and penance, and being righteous. This is compared to a piece of dirty cloth whitened by being washed in water.

Once we have worked out our prarabdha karma through experiencing it, and  eradicated our sanchitha karma and agami karma by attaining knowledge through scriptures, we start progressing to merge with God.

For more comprehensive reading on related topic:
1) “Tattva Bodham” by Adi Shankaracharya (a good introductory book, also very simple to read and understand).
2) “Mokshadharma Parva” of Mahabharatham (wonderful conversation between Bhishma and Yudhishthira).

  1. cmostergren says:

    I’m learning more about karma and implementing these ideas into my lifestyles. Interesting post, thanks!

    • rpk says:

      Best wishes! I strongly recommend you to read Tattva Bodham.

      • cmostergren says:

        I’ll give it a look! 🙂

      • Radha says:

        Read this post. However, there are many non Brahmins not knowing Sanskrit
        so how one is to learn such knowledge without knowing Sanskrit? And often such information is
        only passed down to the men as often they are the ones seen chanting mantras and doing the pujas and speaking on such topics. What about the females? Often what I’ve observed in many Brahmin homes is favoring the birth of the male first for this reason. But what about female she too is Lakshmi and a yogini….And even in Carnatic music often the mode of singing is Sanskrit and Telugu (to a Tamil audience not really knowing both languages and perhaps few knowing Sanskrit). For language reasons this knowledge system is not being understood…and is often reserved for select group (Brahmin) and gender (male). How to address this?

        This information is often very vast and is said to consist of volumes of literature in very hard
        to understand language style. Upanishads is very hard to understand.

        English translations of some texts are there but they might not be accurate in
        translation. The concept of evolution I am hesitant on because I think
        it is feeding into caste hierarchy which I don’t believe in and that caste
        I think is a misinterpretation or corruption of a system that was never meant
        to be a hierarchy. I would think Ramanuja might be a good figure to clarify this point
        perhaps (I am not expert on his teaching but think he was thinking along this manner)…

        I think karma still is a complex topic as nature is not factored in to the karma blame which is often seen as a personal fault. I think you me everyone nature we all affect one another and this is cause and effect. But often karma is seen as a personal fault which I’m not agreeing with. And often when it comes to females, they are horribly blamed on this karma point and show lots of remorse for it when they should be a happy person for all of us to feel happy. I don’t want to think ok that person’s karma will get them for their wrong doing. Their karma will affect me too. If they are unhappy we all will be unhappy. This statement is often told to make ourselves feel better but I don’t want to be for this that itself is bad karma.

        There are a lot of contradictions and I think in India there are many many schools of thought that have varying but valid points. Like some focus more on shruthi some focus more on smrithi.
        I think smrithi to me is more of importance these days because often what is true is based on the situation, circumstances, and this point should be understood by priests so that they stop blaming us. Also tantra can help with the contradictions and lessen the blame….What is exactly good karma or bad karma is hard to say….When we don’t interact with others that is seen as bad, selfish and others show hatred for this, however for some avoidance means self protection, trying to avoid conflict with others and generation of negative energies.

        (Sometimes I think people who give advice to others don’t want to do the dirty work they make others do it and when they suffer and go back to the adviser he/she is like oops forgot to mention that problem….ya right….there is more glory in the talking not in the doing… like a vulture they soar high but feed low as one Swami told…I’m just telling out of experience…. 🙂 )

  2. rpk says:

    The knowledge aspect of spirituality is made available to everyone through book translations in regional languages, public discourses, video discourses uploaded in youtube, etc. Of course their is a limitation related with not having mastery over Sanskrit language, but there are good approximations available towards obtaining the required knowledge to lead a spiritual life for everyone.

    When we are not approaching the learning process in right way, then this learning and understanding process becomes very hard and demotivating. This is true in case of learning the prasthanathrai, namely upanishads, bagavad-gita and brahma-sutra. Before entering to learn upanishads, there are other prerequisite subjects to be mastered. When we progress the learning in those right path, then understanding upanishads and other scriptures become feasible.

    Caste definitely is not based on hierarchy as it is prevalent today. The current situation we see around caste-system is manipulated to the advantage of selected few. I have listened to many learned scholars saying that the caste system mentioned in scriptures do not define any hierarchy. I also personally believe that there shouldn’t be any hierarchy in caste-system.

    Intuitively, humans do have some instinct about good and bad karma irrespective of any religion or belief system. I personally feel that the core message as conveyed by Vyasa ( is to be adapted into our life. Karma is of course a complicated topic, and the purpose of life is to understand about this karma and evolve to liberation. Maybe it is possible that several births are required towards this quest of understanding the truth. We never know when the real understanding happens, but we should keep pursuing the effort.

    Of course smrithi is written to establish discipline taking the situation into account. It is a temporal thing, and smrithi can be changed to suit the situation. Shruthi is considered eternal, and it is not dependent upon any temporal situations. Both should be giving importance, and favoring one over the other is not the right path as I understand it.

    Women were given lots of restriction in past, but I guess it is changing a lot due to women empowerment. My hope is that the situation will be better in future for women in spirituality without imposing restrictions which were done so far.

    • Radha says:

      1. Before entering to learn upanishads, there are other prerequisite subjects to be mastered. Please explain the prerequisite.

      2. If you feel, please write an article suggesting perhaps accurate English translation of the scriptures you recommend and suggest a reading sequence starting with such and such scripture then followed by such and such scripture.

      I have read different translation of Bhagavata Gita casually and they are extremely different and sometimes even biased according to the translator. Sometimes I find the bias hurtful regarding females and other caste groups. The strongest example of this is EV Ramasamy Nakayar’s view on the Ramayanam. (I think he is not a believer, yet his thoughts on scripture impacted many to view them with reluctance and he had a valid point. It’s ironic his name is Ramasamy. I guess later he was known as Periyar).

      I found Ramanjua’s translation very different from say Radhakrishnan. The other issue is there is a lot of implied or hidden meaning I am not able to understand it is very difficult reading such texts. Upanishads is a vast expanse of scriptures its hard for me to believe someone is able to read all of it from my understanding….There are books that capture selected parts of it not the whole thing.

      I don’t know Sanskrit and every time the priest tries to explain something before or after a puja in English I still don’t understand them because they keep using Sanskrit words constantly which are deep in meaning yet not understood. Also they just don’t come across clear in what they’re trying to explain, yet they keep talking in this manner assuming we understand.

      To put it simply what should I know to get rid of internal external negativity for good health and happiness.

      3. PS If you are a Malayali I am looking for books by a Malayalee author in English translation (I have only one). He wrote a lot in Malayalam….You can email me directly on this…

      • rpk says:

        1) The prerequisites are collectively called as prakarana-grantham (for example: It is very important to master nyaya-shasthram as the first step before diving deep into other core topics. Within nyaya-shasthram, a glimpse of rational and logical strategies towards knowledge acquisition can be read here:

        2) I am not qualified enough to write a list of reading sequence, or to suggest accurate English translations. My personal experience in this ongoing spiritual journey convinced me not to read English translations and take them very seriously. I read the Malayalam translations of original work together with Sanskrit shlokas. Malayalam is 75% Sanskrit (language experts says so ), and I also find many similarities. Together with reading, I also listen to discourse in both Malayalam and Tamil.

        I do not know about the work of Ramasamy/Periyar, but as you have pointed out, there are different interpretations to Bagavad-gita, Brahma-sutra and Upanishads. Broadly, these are classified under Advaitham, Vishishta-advaitham and dvaitham. Superficially, try to understand the relationship between jivatham and paramathma explained by these three schools of thoughts, and your mind will convince to focus one of the school to start with. Later on, one can expand the horizon, explore and understand all these three line of philosophies. Several years of dedication is needed in this pursuit.

        To get rid of internal/external negativity for good health and happiness is the finite target we should focus to accomplish. Several factors affect this depending on what parameters we need to optimize, for example, financial stability to lead decent life. Given certain conditions are optimized, to maximize the likelihood for good health and happiness is ‘path of yoga’ and ‘sharanagathi’. These are more practical ways than focusing the attention on reading tons and tons of vast scriptures encompassing sanadhana-dharmam.

        3) I am from Kerala but native of Tamil Nadu, currently residing in Ireland. I guess, I cannot be of immediate help regarding the book. If you prefer, please share the details, and I will check about it.

  3. Radha says:

    The core message conveyed through 18 puranams by Vyasa (the author of puranams) is this:
    “performing good deeds to others is considered virtuous, whereas harming them is sin.”
    – Subhashitha

    1. Yes but Sita got cheated on this when se tried to help the fake beggar for food who was Ravana.

    2. This is why our karma is a complex situation of cause and effect that is not always our own fault as priests keep brainwashing us to believe. If they see someone with a disabled child in the temple is it that child’s karma? For some priests they do say that. They don’t have a solution so they just blame others and make them feel worse instead of openly admitting, I WISH I KNEW WHAT TO DO I WISH I HAD A SOLUTION. Instead they blame. oh it’s their karma.

    Once a person is a victim they are victimized even more and this is a viscous cycle of karma not caused by the victim, but by the society.

    A film that captures this societal cruelty due to their ignorance and ego is Taare Zameen Paar. Its about a child who was constantly punished by others because they couldn’t understand the health matter he was suffering from. So they kept punishing him and isolating him for something not of his own fault. Already the boy is suffering from health issues and the society is aggravating his health condition even more. This is the karma I speak of. It’s not the boy’s karma it’s the asura of ignorance the asura of rajasic gunam that cycles through the minds throughout the society and affects innocent people like this child. Society get’s its knowledge from TV and other useless nonsense sources
    which is why it doesn’t act proper in situations like this and creates bad karma or NEGATIVE ENERGY for us all. ALL KARMA IS IS NEGATIVE ENERGY BUT HOW EXACTLY IT GOT GENERATED is hard to unravel. Good karma is positive energy and there are lots of forces that contribute to it. And then there is the antagonism of the positive energy.

    If someone gets a virus, bacterial infection that is not karma of individual fault that is
    just some negative energy due to the changes in weather, maybe too much rain
    due to the seasons, so many factors, lack of proper food. In fact most of what people suffer from is simply due to poor diet not karma due to lack of good proper nutrition that is not available given how food is produced these days. And that production an everyday person has no control over given the way the economic system is controlled and formed. But if people see a weak or sick person they just say oh karma, he/she is getting what she deserves. This kind of connecting to Dvesham and Irshya and karma blame is I think similar.

    People even compete with you if you tell your sorrow they say oh I suffer more than you and here’s how. If you tell your achievement or success they say I am more successful than you and here’s how.

    If people see someone else suffering they think good they are suffering like me or are not ahead like me. Or If they see someone prospering they think they should be suffering. But if they suffer too much then they get arrogant and pity the person for few minutes and do Darpam, or fake charity. But if that person comes out of their misery and prospers then they want Dvesham or Irshya, they want suffering to come to them. At least this is the pattern I observe which is ultimately Asuya. From this nasty pattern the karma blame comes which I have been commenting on here. This is the antagonism of positive energy via ego.

    Go to an Indian wedding and you will see all this in action along with the wedding families doing Drishti removal (I have no idea why they invite these people for show off when they do Drishti removal afterwards like crazy….)

    • rpk says:

      1) The philosophical interpretation about the Sita’s particular incident is that the mind (Sita) will be tempted and caught by materialistic realms in disguise (Ravana) if the mind is not under the protection of a proper intellect/consciousness (Rama). Getting involved with social service or extending unconditional help to others is dangerous if we are driven by emotional feelings and not by rational intellect. There are lot of deception in this domain of social service and love for humanity. One has to be very careful, otherwise we will be cheated.

      2) A detailed description about the relationship between karma and diseases can be read here: Maybe this is the logic behind priests saying so about its relation.

      It is true that in India, the society is not yet ready to include specially challenged people as part of social life. I personally know the situation in Europe, as I am working on a project related with intellectual disabilities and autism ( at Dublin City University, Ireland, and the situation has only started to get better in developed countries. So, to see the changes in India, it will take more time.

      We cannot generalize that people are always ego-centric and cherish at others suffering. I myself have went through some extremely bad time, and I have been surprised to see how some people were very supporting and others not. So there is a mixture of both type of people, and I learned not to worry about how others rate or think about me beyond a certain limit.

      • Radha says:

        1. the list of karmas and the health issues to follow I think are biased one of the consequences is being born a low caste? I think there is gender and caste bias to these writings. Sita being irrational and emotional I am not in agreement of either. Ravana was using scripture to cheat her the way he used Bhakti to cheat Siva. So Siva is emotional and irrational to give boon to Ravana?

        I was told the Malayalam movie Kanchana Sita is a different take on Sita and the Ramayana. It’s by Aravindan. I never watched it because copy very hard to find.

        2. The opinion of karma you speak of and show sources for I am not accepting entirely. I don’t think karma is of personal cause or fault. We suffer from the wrong doing of others, but bear the consequences of their action not of our own. Karma is cause and effect and the negativity that arises which can come from the nature (weather, situations in the astronomy, unusual situations in the nature), others doing, and of our own doing combined not just our own doing, and things which can’t be explained.

        Often when we try to do good karmas we are counter acted by others so how can we be blamed for not doing good karmas others are NOT ALLOWING US the system and minds of others are not allowing us. They torture and torment those who try to do good. History is full of examples of those trying to do good karmas yet getting brutally punished for it. Those that do bad karmas are doing them because they have no other choice, they are being forced to do them against their WILL and under fear of punishment. *********We need to remove the conditions that forces people to go against the dharma that forces people to go against good karmas.*************

        Also, just simply lack of knowledge is cause afterall many health issues were cured just through gaining knowledge not karmic punishment getting worked out. *********

        There are schools of thought in India that really challenge these types of notions of karma that are often suggested. Karma doesn’t mean being born low caste. It doesn’t mean being an irrational illogical female to be blamed for temptation the way some say Bible blames the female for being the source of temptation in the Adam and Eve story. I think these are misinterpretations of Bible and of our own sanatana dharma.

        3. The people who promote these religious lectures don’t even follow their own advices nor know the real results of them when actually applied in today’s world. They make others do the dirty work in following those advices and getting suffering from the lacks in those advices.

        Often people say and even insist adamantly just ignore others that torment you, however the more you ignore them the more aggressive and violent they become for attention and submission to what they want. This is the actual reality. You make your situation worse.

        They say do volunteer work or charity whereas the result of that is being made fun of for giving away free labor and wasting time and not having real paid job position that actually qualifies for job advancements. (I actually heard someone in my temple as a devotee as well as an employer say this regarding volunteer work).

        And the person who bears the suffering of this societal ridicule is the devotee
        really suffering for aspiration towards the God. ******************This is the REALITY.

        4. If you plan to write future articles would like to see a suggested reading sequence and perhaps accurate English translations.

        5. Definitely focusing on jiva atma and saatvik gunam is the way to go though challenging along with trying to read scripture to our best ability. However many scriptures were written
        regarding certain times or pertaining to certain yugas. Sathya yuga is different from today’s Kali yuga so those scriptures from Sathya yuga may not have the meaning or application or POSITVE OUTCOMES in today’s yuga. the outcomes might actually be NEGATIVE. Shruthi along with Smrithi are of equal importance. What ends up being true is based on application and situation/conditions/circumstances/timing and the outcomes that results. This is the REALITY I experienced.

        6. One of the priest doing the blame for karma actually had a PHD so I think it’s not his lack in scriptural knowledge (he has PHD in it). In fact many priests have MA degrees these days. I think it’s just their own character fueling the blame along with ego or I don’t know. Many priests are males who don’t like female telling them what to do. It’s not about them being priest but more male that fuels the blame. Or it’s their school afterall they often come from the same school which is why it seems most of them are like that. And often our temples are run like businesses so that could be part of the problem too.

        True not everyone relishes in the punishment of others there are some genuine people out there
        its just getting harder to find such people given the way the MIND is being conditioned these days by businesses or whoever that creating a more empty harsh individual who is bad kama driven and krodha reacting on a daily basis.

      • Radha says:

        Despite the karmic punishments people may or are getting
        for their bad deeds they still keep doing the bad deed. It’s true that
        some people purposely do bad if given a choice between good and bad
        given they think there is more power or more to be gained from doing bad. I have
        heard people openly admit they will do the bad things they do and the good things they do
        and no one can stop them. That’s because what matters is what they get. If they appear good
        to others they gain social image, if they do bad things they gain immense pleasure and money. So they do both, both motivated out of bad intent. Doing good to cover up or balance bad deeds or to get pleasure out of both.

        I have seen people despite all the punishments and sufferings in life they got as well as doing suffering to others they still keep doing the same bad thing. Like if they cheat others for money and get punished for it, and even health problems as well, they still keep cheating others for money. If they torment others by yelling shouting and threatening and develop bad name even health matters to their own selves they still yell, shout and threaten. This I don’t understand which is why I never think oh people’s karma will get them and therefore why worry about their behavior. To me more bad karma and karmic punishment doesn’t solve anything it just creates more and more bad energy negative energy FOR US ALL. That is why the circumstances/social conditions/social pressures, WRONG THINKING that cause others to do bad karma need to be removed so WE ALL CAN BENEFIT.

        We need more understanding on this point.

        Often priests say oh their karma will come to them but I think this is wrong because that doesn’t solve anything it just generates more negative energy for us all. If we are around a negative person that makes us negative too and even spoils our whole day or even whole month.
        It’s easy to say oh their karma will come to them than saying actually we need to remove the root cause of it so we all benefit.

        In this kali yuga for money the kama for money is driving so many people to do bad
        and driving Indians out of India and seeking life in others countries where they are to find the same dynamic occur yet other forms.

  4. Radha says:

    if there are more than the 13 impurities of mind please write another article listing them because i think the more impurities we can identify arising within ourselves and others, the better we can stop them as soon as they formulate or are recognized…given we are only told about the 6 arishadvargas I think the list of 13 is even more comprehensive….even more listed even more good to know….often we think certain thoughts are not impurities but are…

  5. Radha says:

    True not everyone relishes in the punishment of others there are some genuine people out there
    its just getting harder to find such people given the way the MIND is being conditioned these days..

    the thing is as you said people change according to the circumstances. See
    one minute people are showing concern next minute they show hatred and even jealousy and deception towards you….money is affecting the stability and permanence of love….there is even a funny Tamil comedy scene with Vivek the comedian who pulls money out of his pocket then puts it back into the pocket, then the filmmaker shows the man who he shows the money to and when money goes up he smiles when money goes down in the pocket he frowns. So he smiles we money is visible and frowns when money isn’t visible. Like this people’s moods change according to stock m market, one minute they’re happy then sad then happy then sad based on the money like a graph going up and down….

    This is how Buddhism arised with the commentary that nature of world is impermanence and it causes suffering and thus everything is maya or illusion even LOVE is impermanent. I think it places less emphasis on karma or karma blame and more on impermanence as cause for suffering…..

    However other thoughts
    say Anbe Sivam God is Love the Love itself is God. However this Love is not manifesting and remaining it comes and goes and this is the source of torment or suffering for the devotee….

    I think more discussion is needed on Love its real meaning and how it factors into Kali Yuga,
    the Purusharthas etc.

    • rpk says:

      From both epics, we should understand the morals behind major incidents depicted, and adapt it into life. Now, different individual can derive different morals and philosophical understanding for the same incident. I think that is the beauty of the work itself, and it is bad when someone forcefully imposes their understanding as the only right one.

      The reason why people say to ignore others is because that is the only optimal solution for now. It is impossible to change the society so quickly in favor of righteousness and dharma. We have to face these hurdles. The more you ignore and the more they react back hypothesis will remain true initially, but beyond a threshold it will become favorable to us.

      Having a Ph.D or master’s in any subject does not necessarily make someone a better human being. Education has nothing much to do about it. It is unfortunate that some priests take advantage of human fear factor and run a big business.

      People are running after money for survival, and among those, there are people who are more greedy. Majority of the problem makers in the society are those who do not have proper understanding about spirituality. Many people who portray themselves as godmen are biased towards making money. So, it is very difficult to get quality understanding of scriptural knowledge. A society with such a refined spirituality doesn’t seem to be anywhere near.

      • Radha says:

        “So, it is very difficult to get quality understanding of scriptural knowledge. A society with such a refined spirituality doesn’t seem to be anywhere near.”

        Exactly so how to get the authentic understanding and how to take care of ourselves properly. See there are many children in the world too and I have observed the children are watching the parents and mimicking their unwise ways. If we are not knowing many things it is because we found ourselves trapped in a family network that didn’t cultivate the right understandings and prohibit action upon them.

        People keep pushing/torturing others to get married and the newly wed couples have no clue on what to do and are not raising kids properly because they weren’t raised properly.

      • Radha says:

        1. What I’ve written here isn’t hypothesis, but based on actual experience. I not only listen to the advice given I really try to implement however in implementation it creates more problem than good which is why many don’t want to follow the advice given. Generalizations are very dangerous and each and every person’s situation is unique and special so what works for one will not work for others and this is the foundation for even Ayurvedic thinking. The solution for one could be harmful for another because context play a large role in shaping a person’s personal situation.

        To give an example one blogger wrote about why people talk so cruel behind the back of others especially if they are without a child. She explained one person’s situation she personally knew about why they just couldn’t have children. But everyone looked down upon them. There was a very sensitive situation surrounding their lives and people were very callous towards them. The blogger was really kind enough the emphasize the point that people just have unexplainable and very unique situations that are very difficult to articulate to others and given we are living with people who lack understanding regarding the social realms. they won’t even understand even if explanation is given or will convert such explanation into negative thinking.

        To put simply there are reasons for things which if you were to be told you CAN’T HANDLE IT and it will become a disturbance in the mind for you. To avoid this people just avoid and keep quiet so let them be at peace. Mounam kalho nasti in silence we are not at conflict with others. However this is interpreted as oh they ignoring us they’re rude.

        (Even if they were to have a child the child is seen as just a laborer to be exploited, and if the child is born dark bleaching creams are pushed upon the child or the child is avoided or spoken about badly. I write this because this is what people talk as I am standing somewhere or after some function which is why I began to avoid such people, but even that they won’t let you escape from without torment. It’s kama gone too far).

        2. I just want to thank the bloggers who write on spirituality because you give me some hope and have been a small part of positive energy for me that is severely lacking in this world. Despite the problems you have faced regarding our temples you still carry on the Bhakti in your hearts like an Adi Shankara in his Manasa Puja. I deeply thank you all. To such devotees please pray for me and bless me. I rarely write and when I do it’s after decades of silence because somehow over that decade a deeply entrenched pattern emerged of negative energy which I was attempting to sketch out in my commentary.

  6. rpk says:

    You can find many good resources written by Sivananda at this link:

    Choose the topic which interests you, read and absorb the essence, apply in practice, contemplate on the shortcomings and vacate those. There might be some points which will be in disagreement with out reasoning, but that should not be a limiting factor. Otherwise, it is impossible to progress and we will always be inside a loop criticizing the entire work. I hope those resources will be of help.

    • Radha says:

      I affect you and you affect me, to say I only affect my own self this is where I disagree.

      If someone does wrong to me that is his problem not my doing not my karma. Isn’t it obvious that if someone does wrong to someone else that is going to affect the other. Therefore someone else’s impurities of mind obviously affects others and how they feel and that is not their karma because that was not their mind that did it to them it was the mind of someone else.

      How can the mind of someone else not affect others? To say 13 impurities of mind won’t affect others is not possible. So if children have wrong doing done to them its their karma, not the adult?

      I’m writing this today because again I’m getting this karma blame thing….I strongly believe our understanding of karma is too generic and blame oriented and doesn’t take female life perspectives or child life perspectives into account because they get very harsh karma blame more than others, yet I see them as more a fighter against bad karmas.

  7. Radha says:

    And their karma will get them statement or they will be punished statements don’t work. Punishment doesn’t work in fact the more someone gets punished the more bold and brazen they become and more arrogant. So this idea that their karma will come back to them and they will get punished and THEREFORE THE ASSUMPTION IS THEY WILL STOP THE BAD KARMA DOESN’T WORK. PUNISHMENT DOESN’T STOP BAD KARMA in fact it increases it. Instead they keep doing more bad karmas. So if the world is designed where okay you do bad bad will come back to you and that will solve the problem it doesn’t solve anything it only grows the problem more. So this is not dharma or wrong understanding of dharma or the science of how this world is….

    That is why the root cause of ignorance
    was more emphasized than karma blame. Empathy was more suggested try to put yourself in another’s SOCIAL CONDITION than just blame. People who just do karma blame don’t have any scientific solution for anything so they just blame others. It’s easier and makes them appear better.

    I don’t know where this karma blame concept came from but I think it is totally wrong and doesn’t work and came from a bad school of thought or bad someone….

    • Radha says:

      What i often see is people who are suffering were fooled into doing or agreeing to something
      that was presented as good but was bad with a host of bad energies attached to it. As a result they found themselves trapped in a cycle of bad energy they can never free from and the judgement and blame of others just adds even more bad energy to bad energy they are already suffering from and is hurting the health day by day.

      For example at temple there was a family with a disabled child reaching out the deity and these group of women were just talking bad about the family members and the disabled child. Already this family is suffering why add more fuel to the fire or more bad energy to their lives. Instead what these women want to know is how much the family makes and constantly shows hatred towards them if they seem they earn more, and show immense pleasure if they earn less. They don’t care for the disabled child and take pleasure the child is disabled so that their child appears like more ahead. This group of women do this regularly to many people who visit the temple and they create more pain when temple is suppose to remove pain.

      Its disgusting that Indian society is becoming more and more degenerate given it was once a society known for promoting amazing understanding regarding ourselves and the universe. WHY MAKE RIDICULE OF THIS as many Indians I speak to do. They regularly complain about and curse the traditional knowledge system claiming it doesn’t work or its outdated or there is no money to be gained from it. Well what’s the alternative? The devils that are getting created today as I am about to write below:

      I am really appealing to any Indian especially any Hindu reading this to please
      take this author’s writings on the 13 impurities of mind very seriously and please instantly remove any one of them that creeps into your mind and heart and body right away.
      From these 13 impurities of mind you are hurting the health of our children, girls, boys, our society as a whole. Please stop obsessing over money because whatever money you are earning you are not cultivating the health required to enjoy it. No matter how good a person is
      and no matter what they achieve you are still finding fault in them which is the Asuya character. Please stop it.

      If a person isn’t working you blame them. If they do work you accuse them of not earning enough. If they do earn well you put evil eye on them in hopes that they loose the income they earned.

      If they are not married you torture them to the point their health is getting worsened.
      Meanwhile though you are married you are not even faithful to your own wife sighting young girls and then torturing others for not being married in order to cover up your sighting of the young girls without wife’s knowledge. Instead concentrate on being faithful to your own wife instead of torturing others for not being married.Those that preach on marriage can’t even maintain marriage themselves.

      If people do marry you attend the wedding only to complain the bride is dark or overweight
      or doesn’t look good and the groom is not having enough hair or doesn’t match well in appearance to the bride and a list of other complaints to pull the couple about to get married down. The mother in law who tortured her son for not being married finally gets her son married only to torture the newly wed bride because she instantly hates her and for the rest of her life will torture this bride who is her daugher in law but she doesn’t see her as daughter in law she sees her as a low class. That is not the way you treat someone else’s child now married into your home.

      Then you complain they don’t have a child, then you torture the couple to have a child.
      When you are invited to the baby shower you show jealousy towards
      the mother to be because she is able to have a child and you aren’t and you cast an evil eye.
      Then the child is born and you complain the child is dark. When the child grows and the child ends up having a disability then you avoid the child and the family completely while boasting and bragging about your own child being greater in appearance, grades and wealth. If the child grows normal you pull the child down so that your child appears better. You also ignore the child and when the child speaks you pull down whatever the child says or create politics with those words in order to make yourself look better than that child and the child’s family.

      Its a constant torture cycle negative energy cycle that NEEDS TO STOP BECAUSE YOU ARE AN ASUYA THAT NO MATTER HOW GOOD A PERSON IS YOU WANT TO PULL THEM DOWN AND DAMAGE THEIR HEALTH. You keep wanting wanting wanting and yet YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THE REALITY OF WHAT YOU WANT. ONCE YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT YOU CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT AND YOU DON’T EVEN WANT IT ANYMORE OR YOU SEVERELY ABUSE IT. Be happy for having a child be content. Don’t damage the child because the child is dark skinned or not how you think the child should appear. Be happy for having a wife and don’t damage the wife because she is not what you think she should be in a superficial sense.

      Please stop watching soap operas, stop watching tv and advertisements and movies and stop listening to gossiping people and start getting your life understanding from wiser sources not these GARBAGE sources which are teaching the wrong information to the people
      and driving the people to behave like an animal like a negative energy promoter like a negative energy generator which is ruining everyone’s health. These are just tension generating ENERGY DRAINING PEOPLE.

      And please stop appearing nice and sweet to others only to talk bad about them as soon as they leave the room. STOP ACTING FAKE WITH A FAKE SMILE TOWARDS OTHERS AND STOP SEEING OTHERS AS COMPETITION TO BE PULLED DOWN and stop this attitude especially towards the children you are ruining our children. AND STOP GOING AFTER OTHERS FOR MONEY AND ONCE YOU GET THE MONEY THEY GIVE YOU, YOU TREAT THEM LIKE GARBAGE OR TALK BAD ABOUT THEM. Don’t ask for money all the time because you don’t even know who you are and when the money comes to you , you don’t do the right thing with it and you can’t even handle the social realities, pros/cons of the job position you got that earns it and you don’t respect the people who have such difficult job positions for the hardships they go through to earn that money and the great sacrifices they make and the great miseries to the mind they undergo for it. And that the money they earn isn’t sitting in a big mansion its going towards helping suffering relatives in need.

      There is no possible way you can see all aspects to any person’s life and each and every person in this world no matter what amount of money they have is deeply suffering at some point so PLEASE STOP ADDING TO THE NEGATIVE ENERGY WHICH IS WORSENING THE HEALTH OF ALL!

      Just be content and have optimism for your own selves and for others and THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED LOVE and WISDOM UNDERSTAND WHAT GENUINE LOVE AND GENUINE WISDOM IS AND TRY TO IMPLEMENT IT OR START A SMALL STEP TOWARDS IT SLOWLY GRADUALLY PLEASE. Just let go and try to be more peaceful and somehow you find will yourself wanting less and being more content PLEASE.

    • Radha says:

      the other confusion is when Gita says never see yourself as the cause for the fruits/results of your actions…in this sense what does this mean? See these are the contradictions that give confusion and sometimes those understanding tantra can clarify….kama in the 13 impurities of mind and kama in the purushartha…lots of contradictions are there….its is from these contradictions people abuse good or original intent/purpose to justify bad…

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