A person should go through all four stages of life, namely : brahmacharya, grihastha, vanaprastha and sannyasa to systematically complete the purpose of the birth.

Death approaches without fail. It can happen that even before we could enjoy the fruits of our good actions done in many of  previous births and current birth, the death takes us away. Escape from disease and death is not easy. It is always nearing us, night after night.

People are more interested in immersing oneself in materialistic pleasures. The attachment for pleasure ties a person to lead more materialistic life. Good people tries to come out of this bondage, but those who are wicked never succeed in breaking this materialistic bondage.

He who never injures living creatures by thought, word, or deed, is never injured by such agencies as are destructive of life and property.

Lead the life by strictly adhering to the vow of truth, righteousness and abstaining from injury to others.

“That person whose words, thoughts, penances, renunciation, and yoga meditation, all rest on Brahma, succeeds in earning the highest good. There is no eye which is equal to (the eye of) Knowledge. There is no penance like (that involved in) Truth. There is no sorrow equal to (that involved in) attachment. There is no happiness (that which is obtainable from) renunciation. I have sprung from Brahma through Brahma.”

“A Brahmana can have no wealth like to the state of being alone, the state in consequence of which he is capable of regarding everything with an equal eye, the practice of truthfulness, good behavior, patience, abstention from injury, simplicity, and avoidance of all rites and visible sacrifices.”

Shanthi Parva, Section CLXXV, Mahabharatham.


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