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LaTeX Beamer

Posted: October 6, 2009 in LaTeX
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\LaTeX Beamer is helpful in creating presentation slides if you have lots of complicated mathematical equations in your talk, and if you need to typeset the slides with beautifully looking fonts for your equations.

An example of mathematical equation typeset in \LaTeX :


To install the Beamer class in ubuntu:

$sudo apt-get install latex-beamer

A prior knowledge of \LaTeX will be helpful, because most of the Beamer tutorials deals with how to build the slides, and not with the fundamentals of \LaTeX.

Some good introductory materials to learn \LaTeX:

\TeX Users Group Tutorial.
Text Formatting with \LaTeX
The Not So Short Introduction to \LaTeX
Wikibooks page is also good.

The above said materials can be kept as reference for preparing the slides.

A good introduction to start preparing Beamer Slides can be found here. It is well written, and will answer most of the doubts that will arise in our mind when we start to think about various features.

An amazing thing with Beamer class is, we can prepare a pdf file that will also support animations/graphics. These kind of advanced features are explained well in the “Beamer Reference Manual“.

Here you can see the complete set of Beamer Themes, and all of them can be customized to our need.

The xpdf usage explained here is really useful.